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Office Cleaning Services

Every commercial facility has at least one area in common besides the restrooms that is offices space. Maintaining a clean and attractive building includes knowing how to clean the offices and the administrative areas of the buildings. As with all cleaning procedures assembling supplies green cleaning agents and equipment’s are important. The material needed includes Barrel cart, Dust Wand, Dust Cloths, Cleaning towel, Can liners, Vacuum Cleaners, Broom, Dust pan, Putty Knife, Trigger spray- water. GoGreen cleaning services cleaners will be using a variety of green cleaning agents which are eco-seal certified. These products are specially formulated to enhance performance and efficiency while providing zero health hazards and maintaining your commercial facility neat and tidy. Green cleaning chemicals needed will be Glass cleaner, Carpet cleaner or carpet spotter all package in the trigger spray bottles. A furniture polish, Gum remover, Stainless still polish are needed.

Our well trained and expert commercial and office cleaners always have strong knowledge of material safety data sheet (MSDS) and present it at the work sites. Our office cleaners will inspect the area they clean and inform the concerned authorities if any action is required.

Offices Cleaning frequent activities involved

  • Clean and polish the ash tray with all-purpose cleaner.
  • Empty all trash container and replace the plastic liner, wipe down the exterior surface of the container.
  • De-Dust all horizontal surfaces, such as partitions, filing cabinets and etc.
  • All wooden surfaces would be cleaned with furniture polish and cloth.
  • Telephones will be cleaned with green disinfectant.
  • Only dry dusting of computers will be performed without using any chemicals.
  • Spot cleaning of doors, partitions, walls etc.
  • Vacuuming the office carpet, remove spots from the carpet and carpet shampooing will be also done based on the customer requirements.
  • Sofas shampooing and chairs cleaning will be performed on request.
  • Dust mop of all hard floor surfaces.
  • Using all-purpose green cleaners spot clean of light fixtures, doors and other appliances.
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