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Housekeeping Services

1) Bed Making

Making your bed is a must as it makes the entire bedroom look neat and tidy, and sleeping on made bed will make you feel relax and comfortable. Making your bed may sound like a easy job, In practical you should know how to make a bed. Our well trained and experienced work force know- how to make the bed professionally, they follow simple steps as mention below.

  • Clear the bed
  • Put the fitted sheet on
  • Put the top sheet on
  • Make hospital corners
  • Place the duvet or comforter on top
  • Fold the top sheet and duvet down
  • Fluff the pillows
  • Add the finishing touches
  • Other Housekeeping Business

  • Clean your oven
  • Clean the inside of your china cabinets
  • Wash your leather furniture
  • Spot clean your carpets and rugs
  • Clean the inside of your fridge

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